The Old Stone Church Commission

Old Stone Church CommissionThe Old Stone Church Commission is a committee of volunteers who are dedicated to preserving the history and legacy of Old Stone Church and Cemetery.

From maintenance of the grounds to scheduling community events like weddings, funerals, family gatherings and more, the Commission oversees a variety of day-to-day operations that help ensure the beautiful preservation and financial well-being of this iconic landmark.

For those who serve on the Commission, Old Stone Church is more than a number listed in the National Registry of Historic Places. It’s a reminder of our heritage – a living testament to more than two centuries of history that included times of war and peace, advances in industry and education, and countless memories made here.

It’s important to continue to share this story with future generations. If you would like to help us preserve this time-honored treasure by donating your time or resources, visit our Support page or call 864-654-2061 today.